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The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2023


Welcome to The Bartlett School of Architecture’s B-Pro Show 2023. This exhibition showcases the work of graduate students, presenting a range of extraordinary design projects from four of the school’s innovative Master’s programmes.

The Exhibition

The show this year features the work of almost 100 individual and collaborative projects by 260 students from four of the school’s B-Pro programmes – Architectural Computation MSc/MRes, Architectural Design MArch, Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc, and Urban Design MArch.

B-Pro, or Bartlett Prospective, groups together five of the school’s graduate programmes with a unique philosophy and shared approach to the future of design, architecture, and the urban environment.

The digital exhibition spaces are organised into programmes, and within these, into research clusters, which are the groups in which Bartlett students develop their design work. 

As you explore our show, expect to see a range of visual work, from models and drawings to films and multimedia installations, which will challenge what you think of as architecture and the role of the architect.

Programmes Exhibiting

Architectural Computation MSc and MRes
Programme Directors: Manuel Jiménez García and Philippe Morel

Architectural Design MArch
Programme Directors: Tyson Hosmer and Gilles Retsin

Bio-Integrated Design MArch and MSc
Programme Directors: Professor Marcos Cruz and Dr Brenda Parker

Urban Design MArch
Programme Director: Roberto Bottazzi

The Bartlett B-Pro Show Book

You can also browse The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2023 book, which accompanies the show.

The B-Pro Show 2023 book


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Director of Exhibitions

Chee-Kit Lai

Project Managers

Alex Borrell
David Shanks
Malgorzata Lisiecka

Content Management

Thomas Budd
Max Fletcher
Gabriele Grassi
Ness Lafoy
Shaun Mooney
Daniel Ovalle Costal
Sophie Percival


Matthew Bowles
Michael Wagner

Communications Manager

Ruth Evison
Joseph McGrath

Publications Manager

Srijana Gurung

Communications and Events

Gen Williams
Abi Luter

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Special thanks to all students and their tutors for providing the show content.

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The Bartlett
B-Pro Show 2023
26 September – 6 October
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